Westwood Forward

A coalition of students, businesses, homeowners, renters, workers and community organizations to revitalize Westwood as a fun, affordable, and inclusive community.
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Westwood deserves a
brighter future.

Westwood Forward and the North Westwood Neighborhood Council will bring us there.

Better Housing

Solving the housing crisis with affordable and diverse options

Business Growth

Supporting restaurants, retail and nightlife for a vibrant, sustainable community


Uniting property owners, business leaders, renters, UCLA students, faculty, and staff


Enabling online voting and accessible options for council elections

Vote on Oct. 25th Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)


For the north Westwood Neighborhood Council (NWWNC) boundaried within Westwood. (The NWWNC boundaries are in blue, other Council boundaries in black)


Respect the interests of all stakeholders


Preserve the historic beauty of our community


Boldly charge ahead to improve housing and entertainment

Our candidates for the
North Westwood Neighborhood Council
"Neighborhood Council participants are empowered to advocate directly for real change in their communities." - Empower LA

We seek to change our community for the better.

North Westwood Council's Objectives and

The North Westwood Neighborhood Council bylaws propsed by Westwood Forward and approved by the City establish a Council that will always represent the interests of the majority of stakeholders in Westwood. Our objectives are transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, accountability and viability.

Bylaws (pdf) Vote on Oct. 25th Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)
Westwood Forward in the News
Vote on Oct. 25th Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)

Vote on Oct. 25th

North Westwood Neighborhood Council Selection Vote 12:30pm to 6:30pm


Who are We?

  • A broad coalition of:
  • local business owners and workers
  • student leaders
  • homeowners and renters
  • UCLA faculty and staff

What's Our Goal?

  • Make Westwood a fun, affordable, inclusive place to live, work and study -
  • by promoting housing, business, entertainment, bike lanes, and community spaces!

Who can Vote?

All stakeholders in North Westwood.

You're eligible to vote, regardless of citzenship, if you live, work or go to school within the North Westwood boundaries. This includes:

  • business owners
  • students
  • faculty and staff
  • residents
  • workers

Where to Vote!

John Wooden Center (Event Lobby)

Thursday, October 25 from 12:30pm-6:30pm

2131 John Wooden Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Questions or comments?

Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)

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There is no better time than now to get involved. Sign up to join our coalition of students, business owners, renters, and homeowners to bring Westwood Forward.